IN PICTURES: Sweden’s first driverless buses hit the streets

IN PICTURES: Sweden's first driverless buses hit the streets
Left, the self-driving bus. In the background one of Stockholm's regular public buses. Photo: Marko Säävälä/TT
Sweden's first driverless buses on a public road have started running north of Stockholm.

The buses, a six-month project led by bus company Nobina together with Ericsson, SJ, KTH, Klövern, Urban ICT Arena and Stockholm City, hit the road in busy tech and business district Kista on Wednesday.

The buses are funded by, among others, Vinnova and innovation scheme Drive Sweden. Photo: Marko Säävälä/TT

The two self-driving buses are now running between Kista mall and Victoria Tower along a 1.5 kilometre pre-recorded path at a speed of 20 kilometres an hour, using GPS and sensors to ensure they do not divert from the path.

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Drive Sweden's chairperson Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd trying the new buses. Photo: Marko Säävälä/TT

They have no steering wheel, but can be operated manually, and a designated driver is on board in case of emergency, as is required under current legislation in Sweden.

There is room for 12 passengers and the buses are free to use. 

The buses are part of a six-month pilot project. Photo: Marko Säävälä/TT