Reflections on SI NFGL Linköping’s trip to Uniti, Lund

Reflections on SI NFGL Linköping’s trip to Uniti, Lund
NFGL Linköping at Uniti's event in Lund.
On December 7, SI NFGL Linköping was invited to the global launch of Swedish startup Uniti’s first smart electric commuter car. Linköping Local Network member Mobolaji Folorunso shares his reflections of the trip.

Many people who know me know that I have a thing for electric transportation. So, as part of our brainstorming session for plans this semester, I suggested we go on a study trip to Uniti. The Swedish startup in Lund is developing a smart electric car for commuting.

The cool thing about the company that caught my attention was the fact that they were crowdfunding their capital. The first thing I thought was that a company like this, in an industry as big as the automotive industry, will require either a billionaire founder, as in the case of Tesla, or multiple rounds of investments by the world’s most influential venture capital firms.

Mobolaji Folorunso at the launch in Lund.

And here they were asking me, an international student in Sweden, for a few kronor to own part of the company! I tried investing, but at the time I hadn’t opened a Swedish bank account and the website couldn’t process the transaction.

After we contacted the company, we were invited to the global launch of their first product. It was a global gathering of more than 2,000 people from different sectors of Sweden’s economy. NFGL members from Lund University also joined us at the event.

We’ve all heard how electric cars will change the future of transportation, as well as the fast rise of Tesla which has just released its first electric truck.

Uniti, however, is building a smaller vehicle that’s suitable for urban commuting, with electric steering and top-notch human-machine interaction — it’s just as seamless as using your smartphone. They defined their work as “rethinking the car”.

Going to the launch gave me the opportunity to experience how the future of transportation will look, something I’ve read a lot about.

I also spoke with an industry professional from Haldex whose company makes brakes for heavy-duty vehicles. Attending the event were also professionals from companies like Siemens, Kuka Robotics, and E.ON.

From getting to see the glamour of a global product launch to learning about the technical details of Uniti’s awesome electric car, it was an amazing experience.