Three injured in fire at Swedish elderly home

Three injured in fire at Swedish elderly home
Police are trying to work out how the fire was caused. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Three people have been injured after a fire tore through a home for the elderly in Tibro, southern Sweden.

The blaze, which started during the night and was still burning at 7am, led to the evacuation of 63 people who were inside the building. It was detected by an automatic alarm but the fire was already significant by the time firefighters arrived on the scene.

“We've evacuated 63 people to another residence nearby. One resident and two members of staff have been taken to hospital but it’s not clear how seriously injured they are,” Peter Brandels from the Skaraborg branch of Sweden's emergency services told news agency TT.

Police said the trio suffered from smoke injures. At 7am 35 firefighters were still battling the fire, which was not yet under control, and still presented a risk of spreading to other buildings in the same complex.

“Some parts of the building will burn down completely or be completely destroyed, and we're now trying to limit it as much as possible so it doesn't move on to the next building section,” Brandels explained.

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