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Malmö’s NFGL Local Network visits UN City in Copenhagen

Malmö’s NFGL Local Network visits UN City in Copenhagen
Malmö's NFGL Local Network at UN City in Copenhagen.
SI News hears from first-year master’s student Lapthawan Leerapongkul about her network’s recent visit to UN City in Copenhagen.

For our first activity on December 18th, 2017, our NFGL Local Network in Malmö organised a study trip to UN City in Copenhagen.

Almost 20 NFGL members attended this trip including the current master’s students and alumni from Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Uppsala. Such diversity!

We travelled to Copenhagen, which is our neighbour city, by just crossing over the Öresund Bridge. And from Nordhavn station, it took just a few minutes to walk to UN City.

After a warm welcome from the UN staff, we learned about a brief history of the UN, roles and responsibilities of all 11 UN agencies working in Denmark, their successful campaign 'End Poverty 2015', and also the latest one, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Following the lecture, we had a short discussion about how to apply SDGs in practical ways. Topics included how to decrease over consumption by encouraging people to buy and use second-hand products instead of buying new ones.

We were fascinated walking around the iconic star-shaped building and learning about the history behind the sustainable design concepts. The design represents activities related to sustainability, from carbon footprints of construction materials to transport footprints left by commuters.

Also, it is equipped with efficient and innovative systems designed to control the building’s energy consumption; pumping cold sea water to decrease the need for electricity to power the cooling system of the building, and capturing rainwater from the roof to flush the toilets of the entire building, to name just a few examples.

While exploring the building, we saw that what made UN City a wonderful working place for more than a thousand staff from all over the world was its well-thought-out facilities and the services offered.

If you are interested in this tour, UN City offers group visits including guided tours and lectures for anyone interested in the UN and UN City. Just submit the registration form found in this link.

And, even better, the visit is free of charge!