Stockholm police seize weapons cache, make three arrests

Stockholm police seize weapons cache, make three arrests
Photo: Christine Olsson/TT
Three people were arrested in a major police operation in Hallunda south of Stockholm on Sunday.
Police said that a large number of weapons were seized during the arrests but spokesman Mats Eriksson said he would not provide details.
Eriksson avoided directly answering news agency TT’s question on whether the seizures included firearms or hand grenades. 
“There might have been a knife too, but this was about weapons,” Eriksson said. 
Police blocked off a large area during the action, which began around midnight and was still ongoing late in the afternoon. 
It was not immediately clear if there were more arrests than the three announced by police. 
The action was part of a special police initiative called ‘Max’, which focuses on increasing security and removing weapons, including hand grenades, from the streets.
According to Aftonbladet, police were acting on the suspicion that some kind of explosive device could be found in the targeted area. 
“I cannot comment on that. But I can say that we do not suspect any terrorist offence,” Eriksson said.