Trains cancelled and roads risky as ‘Beast from the East’ continues to throttle Sweden

Trains cancelled and roads risky as 'Beast from the East' continues to throttle Sweden
Trucks struggle to make their way across Skåne county. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Disruption to traffic and public transport continued in many parts of Sweden as the 'Beast from the East' rages on.

Several accidents involving individual and multiple vehicles have already occurred in the south of the country on Thursday, according to Sweden's Transport Administration (Trafikverket).

“There's still snow and ice on the roads and we're working at full capacity. Unfortunately the salt doesn’t bind to the roads when it’s this cold, so we’re trying different blends of salt and gravel,” Trafikverket’s head of press Bengt Olsson told news agency TT.

Trains are also struggling to cope with the conditions. The lines between Simrishamn and Ystad, as well as Kalmar and Linköping are completely closed and will not open again until Friday.

In Stockholm, a fallen overhead power line led to commuter trains halting on the busy route between Södertälje and Märsta via the capital, as well as stopping long-distance trains between Stockholm and Uppsala. It is hoped that the problem will be resolved over Thursday afternoon.

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In Sweden's furthest north meanwhile, avalanche warnings are in place for the area around Kebnekaise, where the risk is judged to be three (considerable) on the international avalanche danger scale running from one to five. It is the first time a warning of that level has been put in place for the mountain.

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While the worst is believed to be over, more snow is expected to fall on Thursday in south-east Skåne and northern Kalmar, as well as the Östergötland cost. Some heavy snow could also fall in the south-eastern part of the Stockholm area.

And a fresh area of snow from the south-east is expected to move in over Götaland on Thursday night, though meteorologists say there is still a chance it could split up and disperse beforehand. In the north meanwhile, the big freeze will continue.

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“Further north there’s more high-pressure weather. It's cold and clear across large parts of Norrland, and in northern Dalarna it has been just under minus 30 degrees Celsius during the night,” meteorologist Therese Gadd explained to TT.

Trafikverket advises anyone considering driving to stay up to date with the weather changes, and in particular to make sure to find out about the local weather conditions rather than relying on general reports.

“Don't overestimate your own ability. In this kind of situation it can be more difficult than you think, even with studded tires on the car,” Olsson recommended.