It’s not over yet: More snow hits trains and roads in southern Sweden

It's not over yet: More snow hits trains and roads in southern Sweden
A car stuck in snow outside Malmö. Photo: Andreas Hillergren/TT
The 'Beast from the East' isn't going down without a fight in Sweden, as more bad weather warnings and train disruptions hit the south of the country.

Thursday was a day marked by travel disruption in the Nordic nation, where commuters in the capital for example had to find an alternative way to get to work after a fallen power line brought the busy Södertälje-Märsta line to a halt.

A day later the situation is better in many places, but in the south public transport is still battling to get back to normal. Trains between Ystad and Simrishamn are off until Sunday at the earliest according to regional operator Skånetrafiken, while trains passing through Malmö's Hyllie are expected to suffer delays and cancellations until Friday afternoon due to a switch failure.

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Even the replacement bus service between Ystad and Simrishamn is unable to operate fully, with poor road conditions preventing them from stopping at Köpingebro. Some regional buses in Österlen are also cancelled.

Slightly further north, trains between Linköping and Kalmar are cancelled, with the replacement bus subject to delays of up to 80 minutes according to Kalmar Länstrafik.

National forecaster SMHI has put a fresh class one weather warning in place (the least serious on a scale from one to three) for the southeast of Sweden. In Skåne five centimetres of snow or more is predicted to fall, while in Blekinge and Kalmar it could reach as much as 10 centimetres.

Sweden's Transport Administration (Trafikverket) warned that the snow combined with strong winds in those areas would make driving difficult, and said it should be avoided unless necessary. “Follow weather reports and be winter weather equipped. The road conditions can change quickly depending on the weather and traffic,” it noted.

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