Scania self-driving trucks to be tested on Finnish roads

Scania self-driving trucks to be tested on Finnish roads
Only the driver in the front cabin of the convoy will operate the controls. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT
Sweden's Scania will this spring start testing semi self-driving trucks on Finnish motorways.

Finnish firm Ahola Transport will use Scania trucks and technology to test semi-autonomous convoys comprised of three or four self-driving trucks. The trucks all have a driver in the cabin, but only the driver in the front cabin will steer while the rest follow automatically.

“It's important for us to improve working conditions for drivers with the help of new technology. This planned solution would also help us to meet customer expectations when it comes to quicker deliveries and environmental goals,” Ahola Transport CEO Hans Ahola explained.

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Scania pointed out that there must be an acceptance of self-driving cars among the general public before their technology can be launched on a larger scale, and legislation must also be adapted for the development.

The Swedish government will this week be presented the findings of an investigation on self-driving vehicles which started in 2015, as it is handed over to Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth.

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