Caught with sticky fingers: Sweden jails pair of chocolate thieves

Caught with sticky fingers: Sweden jails pair of chocolate thieves
Some of the goods stolen in the theft. Photo: Polisen Alingsås
Two sweet-toothed men in Sweden who pocketed chocolate, chewing gum and disposable razors to the tune of 12,000 kronor ($1,456) have ended up in prison for their efforts.

After completing their first haul the men went on to carry out a similar theft in a different store before being arrested by police in Alingsås, western Sweden last February.

The older of the two men, aged 50, admitted to Alingsås District Court that he had stolen from both stores, while the younger of the pair said he had only taken 40-50 chocolate biscuits from the first shop.

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The court judged that both men were responsible for theft in the first store, while in the case of the second store only the 50-year-old was convicted as there was insufficient evidence to prove that the younger man was involved.

Further stolen goods from other stores were found in the car they were using, which led to the court also convicting them of fencing. The duo have previously been convicted of theft.

Both men will now spend two months in prison for the crimes, Alingsås Tidning reports.

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