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Revealed: The best reviewed Swedish towns by Airbnb users

A new ranking reveals the towns in Sweden awarded the best reviews for their Airbnb accommodation in 2017, and the results suggest that some of the less-visited parts of the country offer the highest standard.

Revealed: The best reviewed Swedish towns by Airbnb users
What's left of the Nyköpingshus fortress today. Photo: Tina Stafrén/

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Airbnb has around 20,000 Swedish rentals listed, and the home-sharing firm has now compiled the Swedish towns with the highest percentage of five-star reviews left by users during 2017. In 2016 Kiruna placed top, followed by Umeå and Karlstad. Here's the new top ten:

10. Ystad (82 percent five-star reviews)

Put on the international map by Wallander, this town has a relatively mild climate by Swedish standards due to its location in the south of the country.

Ystad in southern Sweden. Photo: Maria Eklind/Flickr Creative commons

9. Huddinge (83 percent five-star reviews)

With its easily accessible forests and lakes, Huddinge in Stockholm County also proved to be a hit among Airbnb users.

Gömmaren hill in Huddinge. Photo: Tommie Hansen/Flickr Creative Commons

8. Linköping (83 percent five-star reviews)

University town Linköping has its fair share of pretty buildings, as well as a particularly grand looking cathedral.

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Linköping's cathedral. Photo: John Blyberg/Flickr Creative Commons

7. Nacka (84 percent five-star reviews)

The second area in Stockholm County on the list, Nacka is popular among the locals thanks to its scenic swimming spots that can be reached within half an hour from Stockholm city centre.

Lakeside homes in Nacka. Photo: Udo Schröter/Flickr Creative Commons

6. Växjö (84 percent five-star reviews)

Växjö in southern Sweden is completely surrounded by lakes, and is one of the country’s greenest cities.

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Växjö on a winter day. Photo: Hanna Gustafsson/Flickr Creative Commons

5. Umeå (84 percent five-star reviews)

Northern Sweden's biggest population hub is more like a town by international standards, but its popular university nonetheless adds an international feel.

Umeå centre. Photo: Anton Olin/

4. Borås (84 percent five-star reviews)

University town Borås is known for its zoo, giant statue of Pinocchio, and proximity to Gothenburg.

A view or Borås centre. Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

3. Kristianstad (84 percent five-star reviews)

Yet another entry from southern Sweden, Kristianstad has its fair share of grand old buildings, and is a popular domestic tourism spot in the summer.

Kristianstad on an autumn day. Photo: Maria Ekling/Flickr Creative Commons

2. Varberg (86 percent five-star reviews)

Tourists have been coming to Varberg in western Sweden since the 1800s, and its appeal continues in the present day thanks to a combination of scenic views, a unique bathhouse, and long beaches.

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Varberg bathouse. Photo: Göran Höglund/Flickr Creative Commons

1. Nyköping (87 percent five-star reviews)

Don't let its grim budget airline airport Skavsta fool you: Nyköping is a pretty coastal town that attracts tourists from nearby Stockholm and Norrköping in particular during the summer.

It is also famous for one of the least hospitable incidents in Swedish history, the Nyköping Banquet. That's when King Birger Magnusson invited his brothers for dinner in the 12th century then locked them into a tower of Nyköpingshus to starve. We're pleased to learn Nyköping has moved on.

A summer scene in Nyköping. Photo: Maik Meid/Flickr Creative Commons