Ice-skating speed record broken in Luleå, Sweden

Ice-skating speed record broken in Luleå, Sweden
Dutch skater Kjeld Nuis was protected by a specially designed aeroshield. Photo: Red Bull
What better place to break the world ice skating speed record than the vast expanses of ice in the Luleå archipelago in northern Sweden?
Dutch Olympic medal-winner Kjeld Nuis on Thursday reached a record-breaking 93kph, skating behind a car dragging a specially designed aeroshield to reduce air resistance.
“It was really exciting,” Nuis said in an article on Red Buill’s website. “It remains natural ice, of course, so it's a bit bumpy but you flew over it. Your skates are going to vibrate and that was really way more exciting than I expected: 93kph is really strangely difficult to control.” 
Nuis pointed out that in his fastest race so far, he had skated at 60kph. “I’ve just skated 50 percent faster than my fastest race ever.”