Man in Sweden jailed after admitting rape on Snapchat

Man in Sweden jailed after admitting rape on Snapchat
Västmanland district court. Photo: Pavel Koubek/TT
A 21-year-old man has been handed a two-year prison sentence for rape after he admitted he knew the victim did not want to have sex with him in a message on app Snapchat.

The incident occurred last summer the man and woman stopped on a forest road near Västerås in Sweden. The victim was clear in telling the man to stop when he began his assault, she told the court.

The day before she reported the rape to police, the man wrote in a Snapchat conversation that he “understood” she had not wanted to have sex with him.

The conversation was shown in the trial at Västmanland District Court, where it was judged that the woman’s story was detailed and without contradiction.

Along with being sentenced to two years in prison, the man has also been asked to pay damages to the woman. He has launched an appeal against the verdict.

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