Stockholm car chase ends in arrest following multiple collisions

Stockholm car chase ends in arrest following multiple collisions
Police and emergency services at the scene following the conclusion of the chase. Photo: Oana Lönn/ Handout/TT
A car chase through southern Stockholm on Thursday night ended with the vehicle that was attempting to flee from the police crashing, and the driver being arrested.

The chase started when the driver refused to pull over for a police patrol just after 9.30pm and sped away instead. The car almost drove over pedestrians and hit a number of parked vehicles before eventually colliding with a different car and driving up on the sidewalk.

“Five people who were in the car then ran in different directions,” Mikael Pettersson from Stockholm police told tabloid Expressen. All were apprehended and questioned after police drew their weapons, with the driver ultimately arrested.

“We took the safety first option. It's not remarkable that officers drew their weapons,” Pettersson noted.

According to newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) emergency services had to cut open one of the cars hit during the chase in order to get two people out.

Police explained that the driver is now suspected of “among other things, causing injury, gross negligence in traffic and for failing to stop at a police signal”.