Cold air to return as spring takes its time arriving in Sweden

Cold air to return as spring takes its time arriving in Sweden
People enjoying the sun in Lund. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
The sun may have started to shine in many parts of the country but cold air will soon return to Sweden, and some say the Nordic nation will experience the latest spring in 100 years.

Temperatures reached double figures in southern Sweden last weekend, “over 20 degrees in southern Halland, almost 20 degrees in northern Skåne and parts of Småland,” according to SMHI meteorologist Bern Möller.

The national forecaster says meteorological spring has reached all of Skåne, Blekinge and large parts of Gotland and Öland as well as some of Västergötland. Sweden’s meteorologists consider spring to have officially arrived when the daily average temperature tops zero degrees Celsius for seven days in a row.

But the cool air will return this week, and warmer days will still be followed by negative temperatures at night. Even southern could see temperatures drop by ten degrees compared to last week.

“From Tuesday onwards we'll get cooler air coming in. Not the absolute coolest, it will sit and move forwards and backwards for a while. But even if there’s a setback now temperatures could rise again next weekend, for a couple of days in any case,” Möller noted.

The cold will hit Norrland today then the rest of the country by Tuesday.

According to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences it is almost 100 years since spring has taken this long to arrive across the country. They base their calculations on reports from around 250 people who tell the university what kind of plants are blooming and which insects are appearing in their local area.

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