Gothenburg gold robbers shoot man in the leg before fleeing scene

Gothenburg gold robbers shoot man in the leg before fleeing scene
Police say the robber escaped with objects of value. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Thieves who shot a Gothenburg man in the leg in his home were looking for gold, according to the police.

The robbers left the man's house in Utby, Gothenburg at 5pm on Saturday wearing white overalls after shooting him in the leg.

They fled at high-speed in two getaway cars, and when one of the cars crashed continued on foot until seizing a new car from a woman. The stolen car was later abandoned in Partille centre, which is where their tracks end.

“We're interested in any kind of observations, if someone saw the escape car being left, and where they went afterwards. That's what we're working on right now, looking at the tips we got in and following them up,” police spokesperson Tommy Nyman explained to news agency TT.


The person the thieves shot works with gold, and the robbers escaped with items of value from his house.

“He deals with gold and we think that's what the robbers were looking for. We spoke to him in hospital yesterday and he explained the incident. But we still don't have any suspects arrested for the robbery”.

On Monday police confirmed that some of the up to 10 kilos of gold stolen has been recovered. It's thought the loot was either thrown or dropped during the escape.

“Stolen goods have been found, that's true. Exactly how much I don't know, Anders Klingberg from Gothenburg police told newspaper Göteborgs-Posten (GP).

According to GP the incident could be linked to the robbery of a jewellery store in Gothenburg suburb Angered in 2014, where four people in similar outfits emptied the store of valuables. Police would not confirm that theory however.

Three to five people are thought to have been involved in last weekend’s robbery, armed with automatic weapons. Police are investigating the incident as attempted murder.