Swedish bakery uses 25kg fermented herring in record roll

Swedish bakery uses 25kg fermented herring in record roll
Oh, the smell! A full 25kg of surströmming was used to make the sandwich. Photo: Mjälloms Tunnbröd/TT
A bakery on Sweden’s High Coast has made the world’s longest ever surströmming roll, laying a terrifying 25kg of foul-smelling fermented herring over a 60m-long flatbread.
The High Coast, the coastline between Härnosand and Örnsköldsvik, is home to some of Sweden’s most loved brands of the potent fish delicacy. 
The dish is traditionally eaten as a ‘surströmmingsklämma’, with the fish sandwiched between two sheets of a flatbread called ‘tunnbröd’, together with potato, sour cream, onion and dill. 
“We had the idea a few years back to back the world’s biggest tunnbröd,” Torbjörn Ullsten, chief executive of Mjälloms Tunnbröd told Sweden’s TT newswire. 
“And it wasn’t too much of an extra step to make it the world’s largest surströmmingsklämma, even if the category doesn’t exist in the record books.”
The bakery rolled out a giant ball of rye dough to 60m in length. This brought the area it covered to 26 square metres, beating the previous record of 15 square metres. 
The sandwich was then filled with the herring, together with 100kg of potato and 8kg of butter. 
The finished product was measured by a food technician with the evidence sent to the Guinness Book of World Records’ headquarters in London for verification. 

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