The best spots to enjoy Stockholm’s panoramic views

The best spots to enjoy Stockholm's panoramic views
This walk offers one of the most incredible views in the city. Photo: Per Gustavsson / TT
Stockholm is a very photogenic city, and if you choose to explore it on foot, the chances are high that you'll stumble across a great viewpoint for beautiful panoramas.

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But if you don't want to leave it up to luck to find one of those places, here are ten of the best spots to enjoy stunning views of the Swedish capital.

1. Skeppsholmsbron

Next to the National Museum, this bridge connects the small island of Skeppsholmen with the city centre of Stockholm. Standing in the middle of the bridge, you have a view over the whole harbour, from Skeppsholmen (left) over Södermalm, Slussen and the Old Town up to the Royal Palace, the city centre and the National Museum (right). Watch out though – if the weather is nice and it's the weekend, the bridge is usually crowded with tourists.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana: Kungsträdgården / Ferry: Strömkajen / Bus: Nationalmuseum

The view from Skeppsholmsbron. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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2. Flaggmansvägen, Skeppsholmen

This is a spot to take in the harbour from another angle. The centre of the view is the Old Town, but the AF Chapman (the ship on the right) is also an eye-catcher and a historic landmark in its own right. The Chapman is a steel ship constructed in 1888 that now permanently rests on the shore of Skeppsholmen and serves as a youth hostel. 

Nearest Station: Ferry: Skeppsholmen / Bus: Stockholm Östasiatiska museet

View from Flaggmansvägen. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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3. Ferry Terminal, Skeppsholmen

Stockholm's panoramas aren't all about the Old Town, and for those who want to take in a greener vista, the ferry terminal on Skeppsholmen is the perfect spot. It is located on the east of the island and faces the leafy island of Djurgården, which also houses the amusement park Gröna Lund. Visit during the autumn to see the foliage change colour.

Nearest Station: Ferry: Skeppsholmen / Bus: Arkitektur-/Moderna Museet

The view from Skeppsholmen Ferry Terminal. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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4. Djurgårdsfärjan

On board the Djurgårdsfärjan (the boat which takes you between Slussen and Djurgården) you'll have a postcard-perfect view of the Old Town. You can see all the way from Slussen to the Royal Palace. One of the most impressive sights is the German Church St:a Gertrud, although the St. Nikolai Kyrkan/Storkyrkan (The “Big Church”) can also be spotted. These views can also be enjoyed on board any of the boats which travel to the archipelago islands from Strömkajen, so try to position yourself near the back of the boat.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana: Slussen / Ferry: Slussen kajen / Bus: Räntmästartrappan

The view from the ferry. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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5. Gondolen

This restaurant is great for anyone who likes an impressive view along with their food or cocktails. It can be accessed easily via Mosebacke Torg and provides two views in one: One over Södermalm, the Old Town and over the construction site at Slussen (the latter isn't really the selling point here) and one in the other direction on another part of Södermalm, the cruise ships and – if the weather is nice – Gröna Lund. You can also look directly down and have a look at all the people walking around in Södermalm.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana/Bus: Slussen

The view to the left from Gondolen. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

… And the view to the right. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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6. Monteliusvägen

Monteliusvägen is a wooden gangway which was created as a sightseeing spot, so you can be sure the view is good. Take the short walk along the path and gaze out over the classic sights of Stockholm's skyline: The German Church, Riddarholmskyrkan, and the City Hall, all behind the calm blue waters of Riddarfjärden.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana/Bus: Mariatorget / Ferry: Söder Mälarstrand

The view over Riddarfjärden, the Old Town and Kungsholmen. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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7. Skinnarviksberget

If you keep on walking at the coastal line after you finished Monteliusvägen, you will eventually find Skinnarviksberget. It's a small mountain with a great view over Riddarfjärden and, like Monteliusvägen, over the Old Town and Kungsholmen. It's a little higher than Monteliusvägen though, so you can enjoy a wider view. There are also benches and tables on the mountain so it's the perfect spot for a picnic, and on warm evenings you'll find plenty of locals relaxing here.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana: Zinkensdamm / Bus: Ringvägen

The view from Skinnarviksberget. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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8. Västerbron

If the weather is nice this is the place to go for views of Kungsholmen. To the right there's Långholmen, a small green island and in the distance there are the Old Town, City Hall and Stockholm's trademark churches. The bridge is very long and walking over Riddarfjärden and seeing its deep waters beneath you is a special sort of feeling.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana: Hornstull / Bus: Högalidsgatan

The view on Kungsholmen from the Västerbron. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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9. Quay of the Stockholm's Ship Association (Stockholms Skeppsförening)

If you like boats with history, this is the right place to go. The coast of Kungsholmen is a nice path for a walk with a view. Just across the water is a great view on Södermalm. Stockholm's Ship Association has its anchorages there and provided each of the historical ships with an information board. But watch out – almost all of these boats are private and visiting them may not be permitted.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana: Rådhuset / Bus: Stadshuset

The view on Södermalm and the ships of Stockholm's Ship Association. Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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10. Stadhuset

When you stand on the waterside, you'll have a beautiful view of Södermalm while the city hall rises behind your back. During the summer months, you can even climb the city hall's tower to enjoy the spectacular panorama from a higher vantage point.

Nearest Station: Tunnelbana: Rådhuset / Bus: Stadshuset

The view on Södermalm (and a lot of water). Photo: Nele Schröder/The Local

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