Name mix-up declares wrong Swedish man the father of baby

Name mix-up declares wrong Swedish man the father of baby
Photo: Depositphotos
A man in Södertälje temporarily lost his parental rights thanks to a mix-up in family court.
When the man went in to register himself as the father, the administrative official who handled his paperwork mistakingly entered the wrong name on the form, which was then sent to the Swedish Tax Agency for processing. 
Because of the official’s error, the father lost the rights to his own child while the man whose name was mistakingly entered on the form was granted parental authority. 
According to Länstidningen, the mixup wasn’t discovered until the newborn’s parents went to register the child’s name with the Swedish Tax Agency. Social workers in Södertälje then initiated an investigation under Sweden’s Lex-Sarah law, which obliges staff in the care industry to report potential mistreatment to the social services.
Luckily for the father, the mistake was quickly corrected and he became the child’s legal guardian again. 
“It was rectified as soon as it was discovered, and he never encountered any problems,” Anette Bjursell Westman, a spokeswoman for Södertälje Municipality, told the Siren news agency.