#MySweden: ‘The art in the subway stations is overwhelming’

#MySweden: 'The art in the subway stations is overwhelming'
Journalism student Nele Schröder, 20, from Germany, at Nybrokajen in Stockholm. Photo: Private
In a new series of guides, The Local's readers take over our Instagram account to introduce each other to towns and neighbourhoods across Sweden. Today, Nele Schröder from Germany talks about life in Stockholm.

Where in Sweden do you live?

I live in Stockholm, near the southern area of Handen.





This is the first post of our new project: #TheLocalInstagramtakeover! (We'll think of a shorter name soon). About me: My name is Nele and I am currently an intern at #TheLocalSweden. For a week, I will take you in a journey through Stockholm and show you my favourite places, sights and much more. About this post: This is one of my favourite places in Stockholm: The island of Kastellholmen between Gamla Stan and Djurgården. There is a public ferry, which travels from Slussen to Djurgården, which you can access with the SL card. I often take this ferry for fun, just to get this sight of Kastellet Stockholm. It basically looks good in every weather. You can also take a walk the island (a very short one since it's a tiny island) and catch some amazing views of the skyline! #MySweden #TheLocalSweden #kastellet #sightseeing #stockholm

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When and why did you move to your city?

In the beginning of September, I started a three-month internship at The Local – that's also when I moved to Stockholm from Germany. Just two weeks ago, I moved to a one-room apartment in Handen. Before that, I lived in a dorm in Trollbäcken south of the city for seven weeks.

What do you love the most about your city?

There are two things I love most about Stockholm: The look of the city, with its old buildings, artsy train stations and alternative areas, like Södermalm. Additionally, the location is perfect: You have the islands, which means the sea and beautiful parks and nature surround the whole city.

What annoys you the most about your city?

The public transport! Or more precisely: The people on the public transport. Especially during rush hour, everybody is so much in a hurry and completely ruthless when it comes to other people. I just hate being overrun every time I enter a train station, or people not looking where they're going, expecting everybody to just jump out of their way. That is really annoying and I wish there was more respect on the subway.

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Hello again! Since the weather is so grey and rainy today, I thought I'd share my (so far) favourite museums in Stockholm with you. First is (obviously) the #vasamuseet – probably one of the most iconic museums in Sweden and perfect for everyone who's even slightly into history. Then there's #modernamuseet. It exhibits a versatile display of modern art from many eras and international artists. Be sure to check out their current Andy Warhol exhibition, which is there to remind everyone that #warhol did his first solo exhibition at a museum in Stockholm 50 years ago. If you are interested in quirky museums, check out the list on our website thelocal.se (you can find it in our linktree) #mysweden #thelocalsweden #stockholm #popart #history

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How should I spend a day in your city?

Wander around Gamla Stan and Södermalm, have a walk by the water on Kungsholmen. There are a lot of great views of the city in those areas, and you will probably stumble across numerous nice cafés for an afternoon fika. There are loads of interesting second hand stores on Södermalm as well.

Or, if you are more into nature, go for a walk on Djurgården. There's a garden centre called Rosendal's Garden (Rosendals Trädgård) on the island – you will find a lovely café in the garden.





Good morning and happy weekend everyone! For this Saturday's #instagramtakeover, I wanted to show you my favourite spot to take a picture of Stockholm's skyline: Monteliusvägen. It's a wooden path, created for the purpose of having a lovely walk with a great view (and of course, great pictures). I like to go there and enjoy the view quite often (preferably with a kanelbulle and some tea). I have written an article for The Local about the best panoramic spots in Stockholm a while back, so make sure to check that out too! (The link to the website is in our linktree). #mysweden #thelocalsweden #panorama #stockholm #gamlastan #storkyrkan

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What's a fun fact not everyone knows about your city?

The art in the subway stations is overwhelming. There are different installations in 90 of the 100 subway stations throughout the city, making the system the world's longest art gallery. It's really worth a look – there are also free, guided tours through the city's underground.





Today's post for the #instagramtakeover is dedicated to everyone of you who is a daily commuter. When the trains are packed, someone might be stepping on your toe or you might spill your coffee – which can make it hard to keep up a good mood for the day. What I like to do in cases like this is to watch the decorations in Stockholm's subway for more than just a second. At T-Centralen, which is pictured here, about 17 artists have created a station full of different and impressive art (like these blue flowers). In conclusion, day five of the takeover shows my favourite subway station. What's your way to cope with the morning traffic? #mysweden #thelocalsweden #stockholm #tbana #art #commuting

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