#MySweden: ‘Malmö is a beating heart of food culture, arts and innovation’

#MySweden: 'Malmö is a beating heart of food culture, arts and innovation'
Nathan Lloyd. Photo: Private
The Local's readers take over our Instagram account to introduce each other to towns and neighbourhoods across Sweden. Today, Nathan Lloyd from Wales talks about life in Malmö.
How old are you and what do you normally spend your days doing?
I just turned 25 and usually, writing, cooking, gallivanting around Malmö/Skåne usually stopping for a loppis shop on the way!
But regularly I'm the Fika Guy för Creative Mornings: Malmö, I'm the head English tour guide for gourmet food tour company, Matkaravan, I run a monthly breakfast pop-up called Brekkieklubben and am involved with Best In Malmö and Malmotown's Malmö Influmates project.





Malmö in the morning is just sublime! #MySweden Photo: @scandinathan

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When and why did you move to your city/neighbourhood?
Myself and Tom, my partner, moved to Malmö from Swansea, Wales, in July 2017 because he got a job at an international school in Lund. We had visited Malmö three times previously, having visited Welsh mates here and over the bridge in Copenhagen. The 2016 Brexit referendum and the enactment of Article 50 was the catalyst to look for jobs in the region. It was always in our sights to live here but we thought we might try it in a few years time, so Brexit sped it up, somewhat.





I just realised, I haven't introduced myself fully yet. My name's Nathan (@scandinathan) and I live in the Sorgenfri area of Sweden's third largest city, Malmö with my partner, Tom (@jomtones / @jomtonesillustration) (to the left of me) who's also Welsh. We both come from Wales' second city, Swansea and moved here, together in July 2017 partly because we're Scandiphiles/ Nordic Nerds and party because of Brexit.?? We have been received by Malmö with open arms and have truly fallen in love with the place. It's a hub of innovation, good food and has easy access to Copenhagen and the rest of Europe. It is here where I've been able to hone my craft as a food writer, set up a breakfast pop-up, @brekkieklubben and newly made English guide for Gourmet food tour company, @matkaravanmalmo, as well as being the Fika guy for @malmo_cm. ?? Is there anything you'd like me to show you this week/ want to know about me? ??????? #MySweden

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What do you love the most about your city/neighbourhood?
I love that for a city of just under 400,000, Malmö has approximately 177 nationalities, it's a beating heart of food culture, arts, innovation and across the bridge to Copenhagen.

What annoys you the most about your city/neighbourhood?

It's great but Malmö Stad have loads of cool initiatives and events etc in the summer, but nothing post New Year's Eve, when the grey dullness of Swedish winter hits. Hopefully it'll change and the city will introduce an event during that period, changing it top-down and if not I'm trying to start events that could change it bottom-up.
How should I spend a day in your city?
Going to one of the many great cafés here, seeing some art/design at our galleries/design centres (of which most are free!), soaking in the view of the Öresund and THE bridge, finding a bargain at one of Malmö's many loppis shops and finishing it off by trying a falafelrulle, Malmö's unofficial/official food.
What's a fun fact not everyone knows about your city/neighbourhood?
Malmö is a young city, almost half the population is under the age of 35.
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