Police release footage of Malmö rape suspect

Police in Malmö have released pictures of the man they suspect of raping a woman in the city's central Möllevången Square on Wednesday last week.

Police release footage of Malmö rape suspect
The man ran across Bergsgatan after the attack. Photo: Malmö Police
The pictures show the man running across Bergsgatan across the road towards the square moments after the attack took place, wearing a baseball cap covered by the hood of a rain jacket, blue jeans and running shoes. 
“We are certain that this is the man in question,” Lennart Bergergård from the local police told the Sydsvenskan newspaper. 
“What we can see in the surveillance cameras fits with the victim's description of how he followed her, how he behaved and how he looks.” 
The suspect walking along Ystadsgatan before arriving at the square. Photo: Malmö Police 
The camera footage shows the man entering the square shortly after 2am, and then having brief conversations with two other men, with one at the corner of Claesgatan and with the other by the Krua Thai restaurant. 
He then crossed Bergsgatan, following the woman, and allegedly attacked her by the gates to a small dog recreation area on the corner of Södra Skolgatan. 
After the attack he returned to the square, dropping something white as he crossed the road, and then spoke to a third man for about 14 seconds, before leaving the scene. 
“We know from the footage that that he had contact with three people before and after the event,” Bergergård said. “It is these people we really need to speak with to be able to move forward in the case.” 
Police have collected DNA, but as of yet have no suspect whose DNA they can compare it with. 
After the attack, the woman walked to Malmö hospital's Accident and Emergency department, who immediately informed the police.
A total of 207 alleged rapes were reported to the police in Malmö last year, down from 215 the year before. Of those, 44 took place outdoors, the highest number since 2007 when 48 such attacks were reported.

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