Swedish school puts #metoo on the curriculum

A school in Sweden has put the #metoo movement on the curriculum, with all 15-year-olds given a two-hour lesson on the global campaign against sexual harassment.

Swedish school puts #metoo on the curriculum
Tullbroskolan decided that #metoo should stay part of the curriculum. Photo: Tullbroskolan
Anna-Karin Nilsson and three other teachers at Tullbroskolan in Falkenberg spent about six hours each developing the lesson, with the first Class 9 students in receiving it this week. 
“They know quite a bit about the Metoo movement already, but what’s hard for them is to understand is that it applies to them as well,” Nilsson, a civics teacher at the school, told Swedish broadcaster SVT
She said that boys and girls were split for part of the lesson, with male teachers working with the boys and female teachers with the girls. 
“We have male teachers working with those who identify as men so that they don’t feel that they’re just being blamed, and realise that we should instead talk about how to have a more equal society,” she said.  
“It can easily happen that the boys feel ‘everyone is blaming us’, when it is in fact more about the structure of society.” 
Oscar Ljungström, a pupil at the school, told SVT that the lesson had made him look at the #metoo movement in a different way. 
“We hadn't really understood before how big this is, that there were so many people hit by this,” he said. “It made you think about how you behave yourself.” 
Hilma Eriksson, another student, said she through the lesson might help reduce the low level sexual harassment she witnessed at the school. 
“There are a lot of jokes, and you hear a lot of ugly words in the corridors, and I think that if everyone has this lesson and everyone takes it on board, it will reduce this.” 
In the months after the #metoo movement came to prominence last autumn, the subject was brought up in all the school’s classes.
But earlier this year Nilsson and her colleagues decided that the story of the movement should be made a more permanent part of the curriculum. 
“I think we will work on this for many years,” she said. “It might not continue to be called #metoo, but we will have to work on it for a long time, if not forever.” 

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Swedish MP resigns over groping allegations

Eskil Erlandsson, an MP for the Centre Party and a former minister for rural affairs, resigned from parliament on Thursday after being accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Swedish MP resigns over groping allegations
Four female MPs have accused Erlandsson of unwelcome physical advances, saying he touched them without their consent.
Upon the revelations, the Centre Party immediately asked Erlandsson to resign. 
“There has been very inappropriate behaviour toward a number of women that is completely unacceptable,” Centre Party spokesman Anders Jonsson told TT. 
Four women told Jonsson that Erlandsson touched them inappropriately during lunch and dinner meetings. All four of the women are MPs for the Moderate party, including Cecilie Tenfjord-Toftby, who spoke publicly about her encounter with Erlandsson. 
She told P4 Sjuhärad that Erlandsson put a hand on her thigh during a lunch at the parliament building. She said the other women’s stories are nearly identical. 
“This is not okay. You can’t behave in this way,” Tenfjord-Toftby told P4 Sjuhärad. “I was mostly pissed off, but also offended and disappointed that a colleague would do that.”
Tenfjord-Toftby said she told her party leadership about the incident, which sparked others to say they had been exposed to something similar from Erlandsson. 
Jonsson said that after he heard the women’s story, he asked Erlandsson to step down. 
“No one should be subjected to this. This was something that crossed the line, so there was no doubt that I should urge him to resign,” he said. 
Erlandsson has declined to comment. 
Jonsson said that the Centre Party would not report the matter to the police and that any additional steps should be the decision of the women affected. 
Erlandsson has been a Member of Parliament since 1994 and was appointed Minister of Agriculture after the 2006 election. In January 2011, the new Rural Ministry was established and he was instead named the minister of rural affairs.