#MySweden: ‘I enjoy the pun humour in Gothenburg’

#MySweden: 'I enjoy the pun humour in Gothenburg'
Lindsay Balfour lives in Kortedala, Gothenburg. Photo: Private
Every week one of The Local's readers takes over our Instagram channel to show the world their Sweden. Today we hear from Lindsay Balfour, who moved from California to a suburb in Gothenburg.

How old are you and what do you normally spend your days doing?

I am 29 years old. What I normally spend my time doing is working full time at an educational technology company called Strawbees creating lesson plans, video media, and writing while working with educators on a global scale.

On my own time, I enjoy a lot of camping, hikes, cooking vegetarian/vegan dishes with my partner, writing and creating visual artwork in my home studio. I also travel very frequently between Gothenburg and Stockholm on the weekends so it feels like I live in two cities. I am attracted to adventure and exploring.

When and why did you move to your city and neighbourhood?

I moved to Gothenburg one and a half years ago to pursue a new career path, but also to pique my curiosity about living in Sweden. I've known the founders of my company for many years since they first started and they connected with me for my current position. I live in Kortedala, an area that I feel has my basic needs within a 15-minute walk: fresh groceries, the gym, a library, and areas to hike. I picked this area to live in because of a great apartment situation, the coziness and a lot of direct access to nature.





Liseberg, an amusement park open since 1923, is a staple for entertainment in Gothenburg. Especially around this time of the year is really enjoyable for all. They offer another Christmas market locally plus great activities including outdoor ice skating, caroling, live shows, and the many rides they offer during their regular season. My favorite place by default is the arcade for getting hooked in air hockey games. ??? . . . Now finishing the day by lighting the second candle of the Advent Wreath for the second Sunday. Have been really throughly enjoying a holiday-heavy weekend in Gothenburg exploring the everyday shops and sharing a few great places to everyone here. ??? . . . More adventures to come! @essente ?????? . . . #mysweden #thelocalsweden #sweden #gothenburg #expat #swedishchristmas #adventcalendar #advent #christmas #creative #christmasmarket #göteborg #amusementpark #christmasdecorations #christmas? #madebysweden #adventcalendar2018 #adventsunday

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What do you love the most about your city?

I enjoy living in Gothenburg because it has a lot of great communities and low-cost opportunities for artists, the pun humour (yes, puns), the north and south archipelago islands, museums, and lots of access to natural parks with large lakes that are much faster to get to than the opportunities most urban cities provide.





Both Gothenburg and Stockholm train stations are a symbolic gateway for me as riding the trains allow me to draw upon many of my experiences here in Sweden. ?? By day I’m a content developer at a startup and at night I’m a visual artist fine tuning my creative confidence. The first sketch is composed of different architectural buildings is inspired from both Gothenburg and Stockholm. Multiple times a month, I make the long distance, 400+ km commute to see my partner based in Stockholm and I find myself drawing to pass the time. It’s a long story how we found each other, but he’s worth it. Drawing two is based from a Japanese spa date we had on our last visit in Stockholm called Yasuragi. . . . Being an artist in Sweden is great inspiration, because it feels like every day there is something new still — when you are an expat your lifestyle amplifies becoming more receptive and everyday “tasks” seems like an adventure in their own light. We’ve been together for quite a period of time now, but even many, many months later the train ride still offers an adventure for me. I get a lot of personal time dedicated to drawing and then I’m welcomed by a wonderful human being. It never gets old. ??❤️??‍♀️ . . . Find more illustrations and artwork here at my art account -> @lindsaybmakes ?????? With Love, @essente . . . #mysweden #thelocalsweden #sweden #gothenburg #expat #fieldsketch #urbansketching #inkdrawing #artist #drawing #train #commuterlife #commuterline #commuters #expatlife #longdistance #relationship

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What annoys you the most about your neighbourhood?

Kortedala is currently too far from my work as I live on the other side of the river and the commute is about one hour. Also, if I want to go out with friends, I'm limited to the transport schedule and there is much more happening in central Gothenburg which can also take me up to an hour to get to.





When I have friends and family visit me, I love showing everyone the Gothenburg Archipelago islands. Within the first week of moving here they were the first place I visited and I instantly fell in love with the southern islands. I’ve spent much time there during the spring, summer, and fall months. These islands are carless with the freedom to roam present within reason of private residences. I recommend taking advantage of the ferry system and go island-hopping to enjoy a nice seafood lunch ?, try the local beer Brännöl from Brännö ?, swim, rent kayaks, have a fika, hike, ride bikes on Vrångö. Consider even spending a night on the seacoast to experience the starry night and lull of the ocean waves. ??? . . . These are photos from adventuring from multiple trips, including one with my mother and brother who came to visit Gothenburg just this May. ?‍?‍???❤️ . . . More Gothenburg adventures await! @essente ?????? . . . #mysweden #thelocalsweden #sweden #gothenburg #expat #archipelago #archipelagoislands #sea #boat #ocean #blueocean #ferry #islandhopping #explore #sweden #ilovesweden #swedish #adventure #adventurer #freedomtoroam #blue

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How should I spend a day in your city?

In Gothenburg I recommend taking advantage of the ferry system and going island-hopping in the southern archipelago to enjoy a nice seafood lunch (or have a picnic), go swimming, rent kayaks, have a fika, and hike or ride bikes on the biggest islands.





Now for an evening walk in Klippan and Rödasten. The area has got its name because of a red-painted stone weighing 20-30 tons, found at the edge of the beach with mysterious origins. Today this area truly an epicenter for creatives. Over here is Göteborg's only legal graffiti wall, Draken with a makeshift skatepark and restaurant that doubles as an art gallery. I’ve been to as couple openings here earlier in the spring, but I often find myself defaulting to this area for incubating my creativity. ??‍???‍? . . . If you are a professional artist, designer, craftsman or a role related to the visual arts the best place to check out is the artist collective KKV GBG when they have their open house twice a year. This former sugar refinery was founded in the 1970s by a group of artists and continues going strong with the support of the city. If you are a practicing artist consider applying to the individual studios based from your experience in art making, but the studio spaces alone serve as a rare resource and opportunity for those that practice metalwork, ceramics, carpentry, and even having a studio space. This space serves as an opportunity to network with other creatives for the potential of collaborations together. ??? . . . It’s been an interesting experience to connect with everyone here so far. Please continue to reach out in the comments below or reply to the stories as my takeover is soon ending! @essente ?????? @lindsaybmakes . . . #mysweden #thelocalsweden #sweden #gothenburg #expat #coast #takeover #gothenburg #göteborg #water #river #ocean #Rödasten #history #meltingpot #creative #creativespaces #collaboration #artists #artistcollective #studio

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What's a fun fact not everyone knows about your city?

On the north side of the Göta Älv river in Frihamnen there is a free public sauna, pool, and even a boat you can book.





I’m enjoying the warmth and coziness of my apartment with many candles, mood lighting, soft blankets, great art projects, movies and sips from my cup of glogg, but even during those moments I find myself dreaming of summer and the great outdoors with my partner. That’s why I love allemansrätt, freedom to roam. . . . It’s entirely different living in Sweden where the respect, curiosity, and life of nature is a given. I found that Swedes have a healthy relationship with the outside that is really endearing and makes feel just fortunate to be here immersed with likeminded individuals. Here are a set of photos of different execrations where we went mushroom hunting (then made a pizza) and another time we had a crawfish party at a friend’s summer home or when we camping & cooled off swimming in the recent 34C summer. Love the West coast of Gothenburg and what it has to offer! What do you always look forward to when the summer comes? . . . I dream of summer, do you? @essente ?????? @lindsaybmakes . . . #mysweden #thelocalsweden #sweden #gothenburg #expat #coast #takeover #gothenburg #göteborg #water #camping #freedom #freedomtoroam #Allemansrätt #hiking #outdoors #partners #keepcool #summer #swedishsummer #swedish #lake #glt #gltlove

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