Shot fired at Malmö mosque on New Year’s Eve

Shot fired at Malmö mosque on New Year's Eve
The mosque, where the second floor window was damaged. Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT
An unknown person shot at a Malmö mosque at midnight on New Year's Eve, while around five people were inside the building.

No-one was hurt by the shooting, which was not discovered until the following day when a bullet hole was spotted in one of the prayer room's windows.

“[The people in the room] didn't notice the shot because there were fireworks and noise all around. But one of them noticed a slightly different sound, and afterwards he discovered that the windowpane was damaged, and there was a bullet stuck in the glass,” said Kareem Lone, a spokesperson for the Mahmood Mosque.

They contacted police, who carried out technical investigations on Tuesday.

Police are investigating the incident as attempted murder and aggravated weapons offence, and looking into whether the shooting might be classed as a hate crime. A police spokesperson told TT there were no suspects or suspected motive at the current stage of the investigation.

The imam at the mosque, Rizwan Afzal, said the community would be continuing its activities as usual, and several young people went out to help tidy up the city on New Year's Day.

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