These were the most expensive properties sold in Sweden in 2018

These were the most expensive properties sold in Sweden in 2018
Many of the most expensive properties were in the Stockholm archipelago. File photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT
The most expensive property sale in Sweden last year took place in the Stockholm archipelago municipality of Ekerö, a new list reveals.

The property, Kaggeholms Slott, was sold for 89 million kronor (roughly $10 million) according to the figures shared by real estate search engine Booli based on Land Registry data.






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The next two priciest properties were both found in Danderyd, a small municipality north of Stockholm, and they were snapped up for 69.9 million kronor and 64.87 million kronor respectively. 

Number four on the list was an address in Värmdö, also in Stockholm, which was sold for 64.5 million kronor, while the fifth was the year's most expensive property sale outside the capital: a farm in Laholm, Halland, sold for 64.4 million.

In total, sales in Stockholm accounted for 38 of the year's 50 most expensive, and many of the top 50 were located close to water and built in the early 20th century.

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“Location is terribly important when it comes to really exclusive objects,” explained Matilda Adelborg, press officer at Booli. “Many of the most expensive are close to water and most of the properties that top the list are in the Stockholm area.”

“There can also be something else that draws buyers with a fatter wallet to a certain area. Magnificent mansions of course attract people, but living in Danderyd for example can also be a bit of a status symbol,” Adelborg added.

Many of the properties on the list had shot up in value since they were previously sold. The second on the list almost doubled in price, up from 31.8 million when it was last sold in 2015, while the third most expensive also saw a hefty rise from 36 million kronor in 2016, and from 23.2 million five years before that.

A full list of the 50 most expensive property sales, and the top five in each municipality, can be found here.

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