#MySweden: ‘Helsingborg is the perfect mix of a city and a town’

#MySweden: 'Helsingborg is the perfect mix of a city and a town'
Parul Ghosh shares her best Helsingborg travel tips. Photo: Private
Every week one of The Local's readers takes over our Instagram account. Today Parul Ghosh from India shows us her Helsingborg.
How old are you and what do you normally spend your days doing? 

I'm 31 and I usually spend my days at Mindpark, a co-working space working on some project or other. There are a number of events that take place through the week in the city so I try to go for as many as I can and meet new people in order to get out of my blanket and my comfort zone. 





Hello! My name is Parul Ghosh (@prooly) and I am from India. I moved to Helsingborg in the summer of 2017 and it has been an absolutely wonderful journey so far. Why am I here? My husband got a job here in Helsingborg in early 2016 (Totally reinforcing the Indian IT guy in Sweden stereotype BTW!). Anyway, multiple discussions and a few panic attacks later, I took a leap of faith along with a deep breath and moved countries. Looking back, It was a great decision and a much needed change in life. I have been working as a disability rights/accessibility consultant for over ten years for projects and campaigns around the world. But because my focus has always been on the Global South, I realized this could be a great opportunity to learn about how things are in Europe and especially in the Nordics. More about that this week. I continue to work as a freelancer on several accessibility related projects but have also dived into the world of immigration. To work as an immigrant for immigrants has been an interesting and an extremely thought-provoking experience and I will tell you more about it during this takeover. And of course, a lot more about the city I live in. Looking forward to the coming week! #MySweden #TheLocalSweden #Helsingborg #VisitHelsingborg #Sweden #Sverige #TheLocal #InstaTakeover #HBG #Instagram

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When and why did you move to your city?
I moved to Sweden in the summer of 2017 after my husband got a job here in Helsingborg. It was quite a nerve-racking decision to move bag and baggage, but definitely a good one!





While these pictures show road signs, this post is about much more than that. For me, these signs signify a lot about life in Sweden. I used to ride a bicycle all the time when I was a kid but in a controlled environment, far away from the main roads and highways. • • • On coming here the first thing I noticed was how each and every being owned the road and streets. It belonged to everyone. I have never walked and cycled as much as I do here. This also brings me to my work. Back in countries from the South, one is always striving for accessibility – ramps, roads, walkways, transportation. Wheelchairs have no place to manouver. When I came here, I noticed Sweden’s roads and infrastructure was accessible not only for people with disabilities but for everyone. It makes me so happy to see older people going about their day on their mobile scooters independently, prams, and all kinds of other devices on the roads. • • • But what made my heart melt the most was the third sign. Nature – The kind of importance given to Nature I'm everyday life is unbelievable. And it really makes you stop and think. There is so much all of us can do! • • • Of course, the first thing I did was buy a bicycle and I was so nervous. I don’t know why. But when I took it out, a sense of freedom enveloped me like never before. If you’re ever in Sweden, rent a bike and go around town. That’s the best way to take it all in. • /Parul • #TheLocalSweden #MySweden #Helsingborg #VisitHelsingborg #HBGCity #HBG #Skåne #VisitSkåne #VisitSweden #Nature #RoadSigns #Accessibility #Instagram #Cities #Roads #IGTakeover

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What do you love the most about your city?
That it's the perfect mix of a city and a town. It's lagom! I come from a city where just my own neighborhood has more people than the entire city of Helsingborg. That took some time getting used to, but after a while I started loving how peaceful it is.





To feel like you've entered a magical forest – This is how I feel each time I go to PålsjöSkog. This has to be my favorite place in the city. Just the fact that there is a forest in the city is so amazing. There are walking, cycling and riding routes marked through the forest. These are pictures from the summer but check out my stories to know what it looks like now and to know how it is when you enter the tree tunnel in the last picture! /Parul @prooly #TheLocalSweden #MySweden #Helsingborg #HBGCity #VisitHelsingborg #HBG #Skåne #VisitSkåne #Europe #Sweden #Scandinavia #Sverige #Pålsjö #Forest #Nature #Green #City #IG_Europe #Europe_IG #Instagram #igers #Hiking #VisitSweden #Travel #instagood

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What annoys you the most about your city?
Umm, maybe the fact that catching late night flights is difficult since trains from Helsingborg stop after a certain hour and getting to Copenhagen (the closest international airport) can be tricky – but not impossible. 
How should I spend a day in your city?
If one is coming from Denmark (and just for a day!), I would say hop on the ferry from Helsingor instead of taking the train to Helsingborg. That in itself is such a lovely experience and takes only 20 minutes.
Once you're here, you can either rent a bicycle from right outside the train/ferry station or you could just walk around to take it all in. Walk up the steps at Kärnan, the medieval tower and if you can, go all the way up to get some amazing views of the city. Admire the architecture of the City Hall and walk into the cobbled shopping street after.
If all that walking doesn't tire you then head to the beach to cool down and try some mjukglass (soft ice cream). End your day by visiting Sofiero, a former royal castle with some lovely gardens around. 
What's a fun fact not everyone knows about your city?
The Museum of Failure which is now being showcased around the world, started right here in Helsingborg in 2017. Story goes, that the founder misspelled 'museum' when he registered a domain name. Oh, the irony!
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