‘They underestimate us’: Malmö hopeful ahead of Chelsea match

'They underestimate us': Malmö hopeful ahead of Chelsea match
Robert Söderholm (left) believes Malmö's MFF will beat Chelsea. Photo: Finn Orange
With odds at eight to one against, the chance of Malmö football team MFF beating Chelsea on Thursday night are slim. But this has done nothing to cool the excitement.
At Ölkafeet, an MFF supporters' pub in the city's Möllevången Square, fans were starting to gather at 5pm,  warming up with a few beers ahead of this evening's match, the club's first ever against the London giants. 
“It feels amazing. It's a big team coming to Malmö to play, it's a big game for everyone in Malmö who loves Malmö FF,” said Emil Karlsson.  But he was  keeping his expectations under control. “To be honest, I expect nothing.” 
Runar Wahlgren on the next table said he hoping at best for “a clean sheet, 0:0”. “It's not that likely, but that's my hope. I think they have everything to lose.” 
At another table, Robert Söderholm, was holding out for a surprise win. 
“Victory I think. Probably a victory,” he said. “They lost six nil against  Manchester City. I don't think they're in their best shape. And they've got an important match against City coming up, so they might hold back some players.” 
“I believe they're underestimating us a bit,” adds his friend Leo Gullberg. “Coming in late, not visiting the match arena.” 
MFF has lost four out of the five games it has played against English clubs in the UEFA European league, only winning out against Nottingham back in 1995. 
It also lost matches against Paris St Germain and Juventus, losing 5:0 and  2:0 respectively. 
But Malmö's players were also exuding a  mix of excitement and controlled expectations when they spoke to the local press on Thursday morning. 
“This is one of the biggest matches you can play,” said star player Oscar Lewicki.”I believe it's one of those matches you're going to remember when you finally hang up your boots. This is what you play for and its damn exciting to get the chance.” 
“It's a big team, a big challenge for us,” said Arnor Traustason, an MFF player from Iceland. “We have the home advantage, the passion and pressure you get at the stadium. The fans have lifted us up before and they can do so again.” 
But Marko Mitrovic, who  played for  Chelsea, after training in MFF's youth side, was more downbeat.
“I believe it's going to be a walkover,” he said on Fotbollskanalen, 

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