Meet the Swedish company revolutionising the workplace

Meet the Swedish company revolutionising the workplace
Photo: &frankly
This week, SI News caught up with Caroline Fjellner, co-founder of &frankly to talk about emphasising work culture and the importance of engaging employees in the process.

Founded in Stockholm in 2014 by Caroline Fjellner and Peder Nordvaller, &frankly aims to drive employee engagement in the workplace. “Our purpose is to make people happier at work,” says Caroline.

&frankly is a cloud-based tool helping to measure and trigger employee engagement to drive positive change and strengthen culture in the workplace.

Sweden may have a reputation as one of the world's best countries to work in with its gender equality policies and employee perks, but with a growing pressure put on employees to perform and the rise of work-related diseases, there are is still a lot to be tackled.

Photo: &frankly team

Caroline Fjellner and her co-founder Peder Nordvaller were working as consultants and noticed the same patterns and behaviours from employees showing a lack of engagement in their companies. “The traditional employee engagement tools companies we worked with used, such as engagement surveys, were not seen as a positive thing by employees or as something they could use to make their voices heard,” says Caroline.

The fast-paced and stress-inducing atmosphere of many workplaces has repercussions on employees when they feel they are not heard or seen. “Looking at data people are generally not happy at work, as you've seen in the news reporting on the big challenge with people on sick leave and their mental health deteriorating,” explains Caroline.

From this alarming observation, their idea was to create a service that employees would see the benefit of to improve their workplace. “People have so many lifelogging tools. You have smart watches, and you track how many steps you take each day, you track what you're eating. But there’s not that much focus on work even though we spend most of our time awake at work,” she explains, adding that “if we want to feel better we need to focus on how we can change our day to day life at work.”  

Of course, new ways of working and innovations have made life in the office easier. But the modern workplace can still be tough on workers. “One of the issues is that you’re not really treating employees as their whole selves. We talk about bringing your whole self to work, and I believe employees should be seen as complete human beings instead of tools with one specific task,” says Caroline.

Research has shown there are seven drivers for creating an engaging workplace including working in a healthy environment, having a social aspect to work, feeling valuable and recognised, and feeling pride in the company and the direction it is taking. “Having a strong culture and a solid direction going forward, with purpose and leadership, those are the most important things,” explains Caroline.

&frankly believes that engaging employees should not only be for Human Resources to take care of, but for everyone in a company to be involved in. Changing how companies work with employee engagement will make employees happier and drive company success.

“We want employee engagement to be a topic that leaders and teams work on, daily, because it's the core of making a successful company” concludes Caroline.


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