Malmö woman charged for Ikea ‘cream ball attack’

Malmö woman charged for Ikea 'cream ball attack'
Gräddbullar are a much-loved treat in Sweden. Photo: TT
A woman has been charged in Malmö for squishing a packet of Swedish 'gräddbullar' chocolate cream balls onto the face of a stranger at the local branch of Ikea.
The woman, 25, was charged on Tuesday for “harassment”, with her victim, a 34-year man demanding 7,000 kronor for the upset caused, and 500 kronor more for the cost of dry-cleaning his leather jacket. 
“She has more-or-less admitted to the action, but she's not willing to pay the damages that the victim has requested,” Malmö prosecutor Fredrik Petersson told The Local. “That's why it's going to trial.” 
The dispute began when the man's daughter, who has a mild mental disability, was holding onto a railing in the central staircase of the department store, blocking the way of other customers. 
While others went around her, the plaintiff, a 34-year-old man, claims the woman forced herself between the child and the railings. He shouted at her that she was a “jävla idiot”, or “bloody idiot”. 
At first the woman simply walked on, but 15 minutes later she decided to find the man and confront him.  
She eventually tracked him down waiting in the queue at the restaurant, tapped him on the back and asked him if it had been him who had called her an idiot. 
When he said that it had been, she took out a packet of the creamy treats, pulled off the wrapping and thrust them into his face. 
“It is a special case I guess, but in my opinion it's a criminal offence, whether you throw gräddbullar or water or anything else,” Petersson said. 
The Malmö District Court has not yet set a date for the trial. 

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