Isis jihadi ‘returned to Sweden to treat war wounds’

An Isis jihadi fighter returned to his home in Sweden to have wounds to his shoulder treated for free at a state-run hospital, before returning to the front line in Syria, Sweden's Expressen newspaper has reported.

Isis jihadi 'returned to Sweden to treat war wounds'
File photo of a US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces fighter riding past an area previously held by Isis. Photo: AP Photo/Felipe Dana
Khaled Shahadeh, 28, returned to Sweden in 2015 for medical care before returning to Syria that summer, his father told the newspaper, a claim the newspaper has confirmed by other sources. 
Shahadeh is one of four Isis members from Gothenburg and the nearby city of Borås judged as a continuing threat to Sweden, alongside the convert Michael Skråmo, Nader el Shaya, and Mohamud Saeed Adib. 
Thomas Lindén, chairman of the ethics advisory panel at Sweden's Läkarförbund doctors' union, said it was wrong to expect doctors to consider anything apart medical needs when deciding who to treat. 
“We don't judge people. We provide care according to the medical need and without looking at what a person is or what they have done,” he told the newspaper. 
“We give care to rich and poor, to murderers and people sitting in prison. If people need to be punished, there are other parts of society that can do it. Healthcare should not become part of the apparatus of punishment.” 
Shahadeh's father said he had last had contact with his son two months ago. “He's not here, he's down there, but we don't know anything now,” he said. “It's a tough situation, they don't have any internet any more.” 
He did not expect his son, who has a wife and two children in Syria, to willingly return to Sweden now 
“I would like him to come here. I want to see my grandchildren,” he said. “But he refuses to come here. He thinks he will end up in prison here in Sweden. He is so stubborn. I don't think he will give up.” 

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