VIDEO: Sweden’s brown bears awake early from hibernation

As a result of this winter’s milder weather, bears in some of Sweden’s animal parks have awoken from their hibernation much earlier than usual.

VIDEO: Sweden's brown bears awake early from hibernation
File photo of the brown bears at Skansen zoo in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
At Orsa Rovdjurspark in central Sweden, all but one of the park’s brown bears have been up and about for a few weeks now. 
The predator park, which at 325,000 square meters is the largest of its kind in Europe, posted a video to social media last week showing three adult brown bears frolicking in the snow after leaving their enclosure. 
Park officials said that some of the bears had already been awake for weeks when the video was posted on March 9th. The bears are active significantly earlier than normal, as it usually not until well into March or even April that they awake. 
“It has been a rather mild period and we believe that has contributed to them waking up earlier than normal,” park director Johan Larson told broadcaster SVT. 
Only one mother bear remains in the den, but she has a good excuse for not getting out to romp with the others. 
“She had three cubs after Christmas. So she’s still sleeping on and off,” Larson said. 
björn – bear
vintervila – hibernation 
vaken – awake
sova – sleep
veckor – weeks
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