How Gävle Local Network overcame issues by thinking outside the box

How Gävle Local Network overcame issues by thinking outside the box
Photo: Aala Elsafei, board member of SI NFGL Local Network Gävle
Aala Elsafei, board member of SI NFGL Local Network Gävle, explains how her network overcomes challenges when planning events.

The goal of SI NFGL Local Networks is to arrange as many activities and events as possible. But sometimes external and internal factors hinder the networks from accomplishing this task.

Here in Gävle, our limited budget has been the main reason for not being able to organise SI activities we had in mind such as arranging workshops and planning study trips to companies.

In addition to that, holding joint events with other local networks did not work as expected due to clashing schedules and the fact that other networks have their own difficulties to be tackled.

Despite all the challenges we faced, we did not give up and always tried to find alternatives, mainly free events and workshops inside or outside the city. Due to our determination, we could see many exciting events online about fascinating topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship, leadership, business development, and many more. Fortunately, we were able to participate in four different events in the previous and current semester.

Our first experience was participating in a seminar arranged by the Swedish Wealth Institute in Gävle, on the topic of entrepreneurship and mind programming for success.

Photo: SI NFGL Local Network Gävle at an event

The second event we attended was a seminar about the sustainability of cities organised by the University of Gävle. The world-famous architect and professor Jason Pomeroy demonstrated how we could bring the knowledge of historical buildings with us into the future. Our third event was a workshop about smart cities also organised by the university.

In the most recent event, we participated in a workshop about innovation ‘Gavle Innovation Hub’, organised by Future Positions.

Attending such different events as a group has strengthened our relationship in our local network. Moreover, it had a significant influence on us individually. Attending and participating in workshops, hubs and events introduced us to different stories, experiences and ways of thinking from outside the university by mingling with people from different backgrounds and with Gävle locals as well. Gathering insights from knowledgeable speakers and sharing our ideas have been great opportunities for us.

Besides expanding our knowledge about different topics and issues, it helped us improve our communication skills when sharing our ideas and thoughts, and acquire more confidence and motivation.

It might not be difficult to find events and seminars presenting exciting topics. However, it is sometimes challenging to find the right balance between studying and participation in extra-scholar activities. Still, attending these is definitely worth the extra effort.  

By thinking outside the box and finding alternatives we were able to reach our goals in our local network. Determination, hard work and teamwork are crucial to accomplishing any task successfully. Each network has its own challenges and difficulties with hard work, and by thinking outside the box, anything can be achieved.

To quote Winston Churchill: ‘Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.’

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