Meet the Women in Tech: Entrepreneur and designer Fardosa Abdalla

Meet the Women in Tech: Entrepreneur and designer Fardosa Abdalla
Photo: Fardosa Abdalla, founder of the self-titled network Fardosa
As part of this year's Women in Tech series, SI News introduces you to inspiring women on the tech scene. We met up with Fardosa Abdalla, designer and founder of female-only network Fardosa, when she spoke at Stockholm’s annual Women in Tech event on International Women’s Day 2019.

We all know networking leads to success, but when the networks resemble boys’ clubs they can be intimidating for women to become part of. Fardosa Abdalla, founder of the self-titled network Fardosa, brings together young women through workshops and events focusing on leadership and self-development.

“I want to be able to help them in creating their own success stories based on what I’ve learned,” says Abdalla about starting her network.

Abdalla has dedicated her career to bringing people together and empowering them, a habit that began when she was working as a teacher in the suburbs of Stockholm.

Speaking about her time as a teacher, she says “what I loved about it was the community-building, teaching these students how they can work and grow together and what the value of a network is.”

Inspired by this experience, Fardosa decided it was time for her to pursue her true calling and create a network of her own.

“I wanted to create this network for women where they can meet other women. Where they can learn and grow when it comes to leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development and to see the network as a platform to start their own journeys and businesses,” she says.

To encourage the tight-knit network to live beyond the rooms they meet in, the women of Fardosa have designed an exclusive shoe collection symbolising the sisterhood they’ve built together.

“We use the shoe collection as a symbol of the strength and power that we create within the network together,” says Abdalla.

The never-ending expectation of how women should look, dictated by the fashion industry can be detrimental to women’s view of themselves, says Abdalla: “I think fashion can both save the world and womanhood and destroy the world based on how you use it.”

Through her network though, Abdalla uses fashion as a form of expression that lifts and strengthens women, helping them accomplish their dreams.

Abdalla’s motto, quite aptly, is “wear the power, be the power.”

She explains: “You can wear the power that you felt in the room with your sisters, and you can be that power outside of that room as well.”

Abdalla offers parting advice for all women with an entrepreneurial spirit: “Research but responsibly, so don't overwhelm yourself with the numbers and with how big and grand everything seems because there is a big chance that it will frighten you. I would say do it and then figure everything out as you go.”

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