Spring has now arrived in most of southern Sweden

As of Tuesday evening, spring has arrived to almost all of southern Sweden, including the Svealand region which includes Stockholm.

Spring has now arrived in most of southern Sweden
In Skåne, springtime flowers have bloomed early. File photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

At 7pm on Tuesday, all of Götaland and parts of Svealand had had average daytime temperatures above 0C for seven days in a row, which is the threshold for measuring the start of spring in Sweden.

The first of the seven days of above-zero temperatures is considered the first day of spring, although it cannot be before February 15th, making March 13th the start of the season in much of eastern Svealand.

Several parts of Svealand had temperatures in the minuses early on Tuesday, but a warmer afternoon brought the daytime average above zero.

In southern and western Sweden, including Skåne, Blekinge and parts of Kalmar for example, spring arrived even earlier, in mid-February following an unusually mild winter.

A map of Sweden where areas which have had springtime temperatures for at least seven days are marked in green. Yellow shows areas which have had springtime temperatures for less than seven days, while blue shows areas still in meteorological winter. Source: SMHI

Sweden's method of measuring seasons means not only that it can be several seasons on the same day in different parts of the country, but that some locations skip an entire season.


spring – vår

in a row/consecutively – i streck

season – årstid

earlier – tidigare

map – karta

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