Suspect arrested for fatal shooting at Stockholm train station

Suspect arrested for fatal shooting at Stockholm train station
Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT
A 20-something man is being held on murder charges in connection with the March 9th fatal shooting at Stockholm’s Älvsjö commuter train station.
Police arrested the man earlier on Saturday and believe that he is the gunman who fired seven to eight shots at a 20-something man while the train station was bustling with commuter traffic. 
Witnesses said that several people were forced to run into the station’s Pressbyrån convenience store in order to take shelter during the shooting. 
“There were seven, eight shots. There were many bangs. The shooter was wearing gym pants and a balaclava. He continued to shoot after the other guy fell down. Several shots,” one witness, who did not wish to be identified, told news agency TT.
The fatal shooting happened while the station was quite busy, owing in part to the Stockholm International Boatshow taking place in Älvsjö, which is a district south of the city centre. As a result of the shooting, the station was closed for several hours. 
Neither the identity nor the exact age of the suspected gunman or the victim have been publicly released. 
Prosecutor Erik Wendeby told TT that the suspect will now be held in police custody as the investigation continues. 
“The district court shared my assessment of the crime suspicion and the suspect has been detained and is suspected of murder,” he said.