Swedish couple film bear attacking full-grown elk

A Swedish woman and her husband have shot heartbreaking footage of a bear attacking an elk and dragging it off into the forest.

Swedish couple film bear attacking full-grown elk
This is another brown bear and not the one filmed. Photo: Håkan Vargas S/

Åsa-Britt Wikström and her husband Mikael were driving from the city of Piteå back to their home in Arvidsjaur in Lapland, when they witnessed the disturbing attack. 

“We saw a bear running across the road, so we stopped, and then we saw an elk on the left, which couldn’t get up,” she told local reporters for Swedish Radio. “The bear had hit the elk… and it couldn’t stand, so then we started filming. 
In the video, which you can see here on Mikael Wikström's Facebook page, the bear sinks its teeth into the elk's hind quarters, then rolls it over and, grasping its head between its paws, tries to rip into its throat with its teeth.   
“Naturally it wasn’t nice to see but on the other hand it was pretty amazing as well,” Wikström said.  “We only filmed for a bit because it was pretty unpleasant to watch.”
The video quickly went viral after Mikael posted it on his Facebook page on Monday night, with 27,000 shares so far. 

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