Hare trapped in fence in Sweden after tragic misjudgement

A hare in Luleå, northern Sweden, made a tragic misjudgement while visiting a playground in the city, ending up stuck between two planks of a fence.

Hare trapped in fence in Sweden after tragic misjudgement
Ulf Füreder said he didn't know how long the hare had been there. Photo: Ulf Füreder
Ulf Füreder, who is responsible for maintaining the playground, spotted the desperate animal while doing his rounds.
“It had got stuck between its front and back legs, so the front end had got through but the back end hadn't,” he told The Local. 
He said he had gone to a nearby house to borrow a hammer to try and loosen the planks but found no one in. 
“In the end I just kicked the fence plank with my foot, and then the hare started screaming, like a child screams, like a little baby,” he said. 
“Then I kicked off the other plank and it got loose. It ran like a shot straight away, like shooom.”
Füreder said he was worried that the animal might not survive as it had rubbed off skin and fur from its legs in its struggle to escape.
“I don't know how long he had been that,” he told Swedish state broadcaster SVT. “It had tried to dig its way free without any success. I thought if it had only tried to go backwards it could easily have got loose. It was just a bit too big for the fence.” 

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