In pictures: Lightning strikes Öresund Bridge pylons

Lightning struck the pylons holding up the Öresund Bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen on Saturday, doing no damage but yielding some spectacular images.

In pictures: Lightning strikes Öresund Bridge pylons
Dramatic footage of lightning converging on one of the four pylons. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
At 203.5m the four pylons are highest structures in Sweden, 13.5m higher than Malmö's Turning Torso skyscraper. 
Another photo of lightning striking the bridge, with the Western Harbour shoreline. Photo: Jonas Nilsson/TT
Sweden's southern county of Skåne was hit by another round of severe thunder storms on Saturday, with torrential rain and strong winds. 
According to the Norra Skåne newspaper, nearly 13,000 households were left without power across the county as a result of the storms. 
At Tyringe, near Hässleholm, lightning hit a tree, which caught fire and then fell onto an outbuilding, which also caught alight. A teenage boy narrowly avoided being hit. 
“There was a boy who was close to the lightning strike who had some hearing problems afterwards and was pretty shaken,”  Jan-Olov Fröjdh, from the local rescue services, told Norra Skåne.
Lightning also set fire to a villa in Nybrostrand, near Ystad, which was burnt to the ground. A 35-year-old man and a child were treated by ambulance personal at the scene. 
The rain also caused a traffic accident on the E6 motorway near Landskrona, when a car started aquaplaning and lost control. 

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Man seeks payout after eight cows die from flash

A farmer in eastern Sweden is seeking compensation after eight of his cattle died in a single lightning strike during heavy thunderstorms on Thursday.

Man seeks payout after eight cows die from flash

The farmer, Per Hedlund, was working inside his farmhouse in Ockelbo, just over 200 kilometres north of Stockholm, when the lightning struck a pole on his farm.

“I was inside a building 150 metres away. I heard a crash and saw a flash of light. It came as such a surprise that I didn’t have time to think,” Hedlund told the Expressen newspaper.

The electric bolt came on Thursday afternoon and immediately killed five of the farmer’s cows and three calves which were standing beneath the pole.

“Everything went so fast, it’s not until afterwards that you get upset,” the farmer said.

Hedlund, who owns 50 head of cattle, is now seeking compensation from the Swedish Transport Authority (Trafikverket) for the substantial cut to his herd, according to Expressen.

“The cows are very valuable. On top of this, there will be quite a big drop in production,” he said.

Thursday saw violent weather across much of Sweden, with 4,000 flashes of lightning recorded nationwide.

The thunderous weather, which was particularly concentrated in the west of the Gävleborg region, will continue into this week according to metrological agency SMHI, which has issued class 1 warnings for area.

A class 3 warning is the least serious on SMHI’s three-level scale.

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