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VIDEO: Stockholm celebrates its first year as ‘The Open City’

VIDEO: Stockholm celebrates its first year as 'The Open City'
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When planning a trip to a new city there are usually a few questions you ask: Are there plenty of things to do? Is there a good food and drink scene? Will I feel welcome?

If you've visited Stockholm before, you may have your own answer to these questions. For those who know the city well, it's probably a resounding ‘yes'; for those who have visited and were underwhelmed, it's just as likely to be ‘no'. Some of you may be undecided while others aren't sure whether to visit at all.

It’s been just over a year since Stockholm first took a stand for openness by releasing an open letter inviting people from far and wide to the city. 

The open letter, which was published on YouTube, has since engaged five million viewers. It has established Stockholm's position as a 'value-based destination', an image the city likes to communicate and continuously works to demonstrate and improve.

“It’s in our DNA to create a community where all people feel welcome,” says Caroline Strand, CEO of Visit Stockholm.

Strand explains that inclusivity is a cornerstone of Stockholm’s values, that Stockholmers are modern and progressive, and that the city works hard to ensure it is open and accessible to all people. It's Visit Stockholm's wish that the people who do come will feel these values for themselves as well as leaving behind some of their own so that the city can continue to innovate and progress.

The reaction to the open letter, Strand says, has been incredibly positive and engaging from both people around the globe and locals proud to see their city portrayed in a way that they recognise.

Find out more about Stockholm, The Open City.

She welcomes all people to visit Stockholm and experience its openness for themselves. 

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