Swedish researchers create world’s first paper battery

Researchers at Uppsala University have successfully created the world's first paper battery.

Swedish researchers create world's first paper battery
The discovery was made at Uppsala University. File photo: Fredrik Persson/Scanpix/TT

The invention could be both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries, researchers told local radio station P4 Uppland, which was first to report the news.

The battery works by giving a piece of paper battery qualities, so that it can store energy.

Maria Strömme, a professor in nanotechnology at the university, said that what made the battery unique was that it was environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and based on renewable parts.

“There are no toxic components, considering the electrolyte is water, so you don't have to be afraid a child could chew on it,” she told local radio.

Strömme has been working on the battery for ten years, but said that its potential uses are currently limited.

“It's worse when it comes to energy density. It can't be used in mobile phones or cars, but in things which don't require so much power,” she said.

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