Man on trial for Malmö bomb threat sent for psychiatric exam

The 44-year-old man who threatened to detonate a bomb at Malmö's Central Station is likely to be found guilty of aggravated illegal threats and violence against a public official, Malmö District Court said on Tuesday. He will now be sent for a psychiatric examination.

Man on trial for Malmö bomb threat sent for psychiatric exam
The man arrives at Malmö Central Station. Photo: Police
“The court went my way, where I showed that we had weighed up the evidence and that the man should be sent for a psychiatric examination,” prosecutor Thomas Olvmyr told Swedish state broadcaster SVT.
“If it turns out the man is healthy, he can be sentenced to prison. The most likely result is that he will be sentenced to psychiatric care.” 
During the trial the man apologized for what had happened. 
“I'm sorry,” he said, SVT reported. “I've had a normal life up until this happened. I have been in Sweden for a year. I had a job and never thought that this might happen.”
He said his memory of the events was “hazy”, adding that he only remembered speaking to a security guard and then being shot and had no idea about the threats he had shouted. 
He described how he had become panic-stricken at Triangeln station and then become convinced he was being followed by a shadowy group. 
“I had just come from a wedding and was sick with fever. It was a stressful time. A few days before I had broken up with my girlfriend.” 
The court will reconvene in a month to make its judgement after the psychiatric examination is complete.

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