Hunter bitten in head by bear on first day of Swedish cull

A hunter who was bitten in the head on the first day of Sweden's annual bear hunt now faces potential charges for hunting crimes, a Swedish prosecutor has told The Local.

Hunter bitten in head by bear on first day of Swedish cull
File photo of a bear. Photo: Berit Roald/NTB scanpix/TT
The man, who is in his 50s, was surprised by the bear, which managed to bite his head and upper body before it was killed by his hunting group. 
“He was taken to hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries,” Christina Hallin from the Dalarna police told Sweden's TT newswire. The man was discharged and sent home on Wednesday evening. 
Åse Schoultz, a prosecutor at the National Unit for Environment and Working Environment Cases, would not give any details on why the man could now be facing charges. 
“When you are on a licensed hunt for bears, there are requirements for how the hunt needs be conducted to be legal,” she told The Local. “And there are suspicions that the hunt was carried out in contravention of these requirements.” 
Schoultz said other members of the man's hunting group also faced potential charges. 
According to the Jaktjournalen hunting magazine the bear was discovered with bread in its stomach. 
“Partly it's the laws that say that you can't lure game with processed food like bread,” Filip Ånöstam from the Dalarna Hunting Association, told the Expressen newspaper. “It's simply unethical to use bread because bears have trouble digesting it. It becomes like a hard lump in their stomachs.” 
The case is not the only potential hunting crime committed on the first day of Sweden's bear-hunting season, which will see 300 bears killed over the next two months. 
Another hunting team face charges for shooting a bear mother with cubs.  “This is not permitted under the current rules,” Hallin told Expressen.

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