Six essential services to help you settle into Sweden

Six essential services to help you settle into Sweden
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Sweden is cutting-edge when it comes to digitalization with user-friendly apps and web pages making everyday life a little smoother. Here are a few of the online resources that the Swedes themselves use on a regular basis.

1. Transportation

Most public transportation companies in Sweden have websites and apps in English where you can purchase both single and monthly tickets as well as learn about any discounts. 

Stockholm SL

Skånetrafiken (includes Lund and Malmö)

Umeå transport

Gothenburg Västtrafik

2. Healthcare

Most of the healthcare information you find online will be in Swedish, although some information is available in other languages., for example, has some of its content translated into 17 languages, and the web page will link you to other helpful resources.

For dental care, you can search for 'folktandvården' in your city to find your local public dental care venue. If you have a Swedish personal number, you can also create a personal account on several sites and book appointments online. Basic information about dental care in Sweden in the link below.


3. Networking

This popular web-platform is designed to enable you to meet people with similar interests as yourself. Here you can, for example, find the next events in your area of interest: from IT-startups and web programming to knitting and scrap-booking.

4. Events

The biggest Swedish online-shop purveying tickets for a wide range of events is Here you can find good deals to a great variety of concerts, sports, festivals, fairs and exhibitions.

5. Local services (in Swedish)

Basically, this website is the 'Swedish craigslist' providing classified ads in different categories ranging from housing to clothing. Also a great platform for cheap second hand electronics or furniture.

Swim and exercise (in Swedish)

Public gyms and swimming pools are very widespread in Stockholm and most other Swedish cities. The site above is for Stockholm, but you can normally find information about the public sports facilities in you area at the official webpage of the city administration.