Are these Sweden’s best and worst mobile phone providers?

A new report ranks Sweden's top mobile phone operators according to customer satisfaction.

Are these Sweden's best and worst mobile phone providers?
The mobile phone industry has improved on the whole. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The study, Svenskt kvalitetsindex (Swedish quality index), looked at factors affecting private and business customers, such as insufficient information about plans, and how complaints are handled.

Halebop scored the highest (76.6) followed by Hallon (75.8) and Vimla (74.5) among private customers, where the industry as a whole got a score of 70.8 percent out of 100 – an improvement over time.

According to the study, the mobile phone industry has become much better at communicating with customers, including addressing their concerns and making their various price plans easier to navigate.

At the bottom of this year's table were Telenor (68.5), 3 (69.0) and Telia (69.5).

Comviq and Tele2 ended up in the middle with scores of 73.7 and 70.6.

When business customers were asked, Telia emerged as the clear winner with a customer satisfaction score of 70.3, followed by Tele2 (68.8), Telenor (68.5) and 3 in last place (62.9).

The survey interviewed 1,900 mobile phone users in September.


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