Police deploy drones to help fight crime in Malmö

Malmö police are set to start using camera-equipped drones to prevent crime in some areas.

Police deploy drones to help fight crime in Malmö
A police drone on a separate occasion. Photo: Andreas Hillergren/TT

Police will start using the drones between 1pm and 11pm today, in the areas Nydala, Hermodsdal and Lindängen. The drones are equipped with cameras and will be filming in public places.

“Footage by the drones help us to quickly monitor incidents and get to the scene faster,” said Johannes Dontsios, police team leader for the southern Malmö beat, in a statement.

Police are allowed to use camera surveillance without a permit if there is a risk of serious crime, said the statement, adding that the purpose of the drones is to “prevent or detect crimes”.

The video material can also be used in investigations or as evidence in trials.

The drones may only be used in public places and are not allowed to film inside people’s homes or other places that could be seen as violating the integrity of members of the public.

The Nydala/Hermodsdal/Lindängen area is one of 22 “especially vulnerable areas” in Sweden, according to the official police definition.

These are areas “characterized by social issues and a criminal presence which has led to a widespread disinclination to participate in the judicial process and difficulties for the police to fulfil their mission”.

Although international media often report that Sweden has so-called “no-go zones”, police and emergency services have repeatedly rejected this claim, arguing that the vulnerable areas actually have a higher police presence, if anything.

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