‘Tools like Google Translate have helped us to survive’

'Tools like Google Translate have helped us to survive'
Marie S.N Goe, SI scholarship holder at Gävle University, shares some reflections on her experiences in Sweden and Gävle so far.

Experiences in Sweden

Coming from different places around the world, we have been thrown into a myriad of experiences. Most of which are fun. From enjoying fika to watching the beautiful colors of fall and everything in between.

We sure miss the sun though! We came when the summer was ending and since then we have experienced weather changing with super speed and in the blink of an eye we are approaching winter and we can't imagine walking on the snow. We keep hearing about getting prepared for winter and though that sounds a little scary we are also quite expectant.

We love this place already. We have experienced life in a country with highly developed infrastructure and technology. The habitats and business locations are highly coordinated making possible the use of Google Maps to reach anywhere you want. Tools like Google Translate have helped us to survive as we continue to learn the new language.

First Activity

It's all a good thing experiencing a new environment and getting to meet new people. We were so excited at the first meet and greet we had as a Local Network, and it was good to get to know the people we are to work with for a year and establish a long-lasting network.

The activity was a dinner organized by the new SI scholars and participants were both SI scholars and SI alumni from the University of Gävle. It started up with chats around the table and we all had a joyful night with so many happenings. It was an interesting event that was rich with stories, sharing experiences of the senior SI scholars, and expectations of the newcomers. We had the opportunity to share our background stories and discuss a variety of academic and extra-curricular issues that widened our minds towards our different cultures.

“OH MY GOSH” — before I forget, we are privileged to have a great entertainer within our network, this guy is full of so many goodies you won’t want to miss. If you are stressed or just need an ice breaker to ease your tension, he’s the best!