Three in five readers say life in Sweden is miserable after the clocks go back

Yes, life in Sweden does become rather gloomy when the clocks go back. At least according to the majority of respondents to The Local's social media polls.

Three in five readers say life in Sweden is miserable after the clocks go back
Winter sunset over Högalid Church in Stockholm. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

In The Local's poll on Twitter, 60 percent of followers answered “yes, it's too dark” to the question “Does life in Sweden become miserable after the clocks go back?” But the rest said they quite liked it.

A total of 299 people voted in the Twitter poll.

On Facebook, we got 643 votes, and they were ever-so-slightly more positive, with 59 percent thinking it's too dark this time of the year, and 41 percent being more favourably disposed to the winter darkness.

The gif for the “I quite like it” answer was Homer Simpson wrapped in his duvet like a big, toasty cinnamon bun, which admittedly does look quite cosy – we'll leave it to the scientists among our readers to determine whether or not that may have influenced the result (disclaimer: this article was not peer-reviewed).

Interestingly, The Local's readers in Norway, where we conducted a similar poll, liked the darkness slightly more than our readers in Sweden. Solid work living up to the Norwegian 'always perky' stereotype.

Here's what some of our readers say:

This got us interested. Have you developed any strategies to cope with the long winter nights in Sweden, or do they not bother you? Please help us by filling out the questionnaire below:



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