My master’s programme exploring the Swedish wilderness

My master's programme exploring the Swedish wilderness
SI scholar Musa Baldeh at Linköping University talks about his exceptionally outdoorsy master's programme.
My name is Musa Baldeh and I am a teacher from the Gambia in West Africa. I am currently studying for a Master’s in Outdoor and Sustainability Education at Linköping University. This one year program is designed to equip educators and teachers with knowledge and skills about how to use the outdoors for teaching. Most of our lectures take place in the outdoors, and I believe that we can learn everything outdoors because the natural environment is full of concrete examples that are relevant to many areas of study.
One of the places where we have had most of our lessons is the Valla Wood near Linköping University. In this forest, we have had a lot of activities, ranging from biology lessons, history lessons, geography lessons. During our lessons, I am always fascinated by the plants and animals we come across. We usually discuss them daily, and one of these lessons made my day when I got to meet my favorite animals: the cows.
Another memorable outdoor activity was our visit to Omberg Nature Reserve. This field trip offered us the opportunity to see the lakes, the hilly areas surrounding the lake as well as some ancient historical sites in Sweden. Indeed, in this course, we learn by doing.
Some of Musa Baldeh's friends at Linköping University.
In a bid to see how other students are finding their time Linköping, our chairperson Samia Butt and I spoke with some international students on campus.

Here is what they said:

Dara, a Physician from Iraq, is in Sweden studying a qualifying course in Swedish Language. So far Dara is enjoying the house and upon completion he is planning to further his education in Sweden. Dara further said that he finds Swedish people welcoming, albeit a bit shy, and always ready to help when approached.

Another student who is studying here in Linköping is Shurias from India. Shurias is currently in his second year of Linköping University’s master’s program in Aeronautical Engineering. Overall, Shurias is enjoying his studies and experiences in in Sweden and believes that the Swedish education system has high standards.