Children in Sweden will soon be able to receive grades from age 10

Children in Sweden will soon be able to receive grades from age 10
But the proposal won't necessarily apply to every school. Photo: Lena Granefelt/Agent Molly & Co/
More children in Sweden will receive grades at school from the age of ten, following a new government decision.

Schoolchildren currently receive grades starting in grade six, when they are aged 12-13.

Since autumn 2017, around 100 schools have participated in a trial where they set grades starting in year four, where children are aged ten and 11.

From August 2020 all schools in Swedish will be able to set grades from year four if the headteacher chooses to, under a government proposal which has now been put forward for review. And the change would be permanent from 2021.

The right-of-centre Liberal Party has long wanted to introduce grades from year four.

“The main goal is to be able to talk about what a student has achieved in relation to the knowledge goals in school, already during lower school,” the party's school policy spokesperson Roger Haddad told Dagens Nyheter.

Haddad said this extra information would help the schools know if they needed to put more resources into certain subjects, while students themselves would receive clear feedback on their performance.


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