Quick Poll: Is Christmas better in Sweden or back home?

Have you gone full Swedish at Christmas or do you still prefer the holiday season back home? Join the debate on The Local.

Quick Poll: Is Christmas better in Sweden or back home?
The Christmas episode of Svensson Svensson, a Swedish sitcom from the 90s about the typical Swedish family. Photo: SVT

Perhaps everyone will always prefer to spend Christmas the way they remember it from their childhood, but before you know it, you may suddenly start to associate it more with pickled herring and Donald Duck.

We're keen to hear how you celebrate the holidays. Take part in one of The Local's polls on social media, and leave a comment – we will publish a selection of the best comments in the article later today.

Almost 100 people (ok, 93) voted on Twitter. The vote was very evenly split, with 53.8 percent preferring Christmas in Sweden and 46.2 percent saying they liked it best back home.

The Facebook poll is still open:

Here are some of the comments we've had so far:

What do you think? Join the discussion and share your Christmas stories.

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